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At Caché Instrumentation, we offer a wide range of instrumentation solutions and products to support businesses across the UK. The products we supply include flow measurement devices, pressure switches and transmitters, temperature sensing devices, level measurement devices, process control measurement and electronic system displays.

One of our specialist areas is industrial flow meters, which are suitable for many applications. The products we provide also support a wide range of industrial sectors. We have positive displacement flowmeters, liquid flow indicators, vortex flowmeters, thermal mass gas flowmeters, variable area flowmeters, turbine flowmeters, ultrasonic liquid as well as a range of other flow switching devices.

Caché also serves the fire systems industry, supplying LPCB Approved shunt orifice type flowmeters.

In terms of pressure measuring devices, we have a range in stock including electronic and mechanical pressure switches, OEM and submersible pressure transducers and transmitters, flush diaphragm pressure transducers, industrial pressure transmitters and display type pressure transmitters.

We supply a wide range of temperature sensing devices for accurate control and measurement in many process controlled applications. We also stock level measuring products which include devices such as capacitance level measurement detectors, ultrasonic level transmitters, radar level measurement sensors, hydrostatic level transmitters, vibrating probe-style level switches and conductivity level measuring sensors.

Whatever your requirements be it a batch control system, a distance sensor, pressure sensor or flow meter, Caché are renowned for delivering customised solutions which are tailored to specifically meet individual design needs. Other items which we carry in stock to complete your installation include panel mount displays, field-based digital displays, digital flow computers and digital batch controllers. All our products are available to purchase from our one-stop shop.

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